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The Fine Print*
NinjaWP - Website Changes and Limits

NinjaWP is perfect for customers whose website requires lots of small changes. To make sure we can stay on top of all changes we separate all change requests into something we call tickets. No matter what type of change you are asking for we should be able to complete the ticket in under 30 minutes. For example:

  • If you want us to add 3 new blog posts to your website, each blog post should be it’s own ticket (3 tickets total)
  • Changing your logo in the header of your website would be one ticket – the logo should be the same on every page and only has to be changed in one spot (1 ticket total)
  • Adding two new products to your WooCommerce store would be two tickets, one for each product (2 tickets total)
  • Adding five new plugins to your website would require a separate ticket for each plugin (5 tickets total)

We need to follow this process so that we can ensure every single task you need gets done in a timely fashion.

If your ticket will require work that is above and beyond the scope of NinjaWP’s scope we will let you know and discuss other options for completing your required changes.

Email Service

Email service is not included with our NinjaWP web hosting package. We highly recommend Google’s G Suite email service to all of our clients – it’s what we use ourselves. Customers who sign-up through NinjaWP will save 20% off of their first year of G Suite email service. Please contact us to learn more.

Website Migration

If you choose to have NinjaWP host your WordPress website we will move your website to our web servers at no charge. WordPress website migration includes all time and other resources required to move your website from your current web host to our servers.

If you would like to cancel your NinjaWP service, which you can do at any time, you are responsible for moving your website to your new web host. Your NinjaWP service ends when your website has been moved to a new web server.

Cancelling NinjaWP Service

You can cancel your NinjaWP service at any time after the three month sign-up period has elapsed. Just let us know you would like to cancel your service and ensure your website has been moved to a different web server (if we are hosting your website). If you cancel your NinjaWP service before the 15th of the month we are happy to refund half of your monthly fee. Please contact us to request your refund. Cancellations after the 15th of the month will not receive a partial refund.

All of our NinjaWP packages are charged in US dollars – your refund will also be in US dollars and the current exchange rate will be calculated by your credit card company.

Please note, if service is cancelled before the three month sign-up period, the total remaining payments will be automatically invoiced.

NinjaWP reserves the right to cancel service if we feel the tasks or job requirements do not fit within the scope of what NinjaWP is all about. In this case we will refund your last months payment in full, and if necessary, transfer your website to another web host at no additional charge.

Currency Exchange

All prices are in US dollars and your credit card will be charged in US dollars.